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What’s going on? Woman

Subject made by Miss Heather Ann: Is what this woman is doing wrong?

Okay, I may need to post this in not one but two different areas as I'm unsure of which category it goes in…

Correct, I am sure a lot of folks have observed the * clips of Benny the Autistic Horse. I watched the video – Benny the Autistic Horse 2010 and also I tried asking the lady who owns Benny regarding his “autism”

“Who actually diagnosed Benny? I have never heard of Autism in animals as I have heard there aren’t dependable tests for Autism. I have looked on cyberspace and also asked about within the barns I work from and also none from the vets, farriers or dentists have ever before heard of autism inside a horse, let alone another animal. I'm curious as to how he ended up being tested, who tested him and also what their very own qualifications are.”

To which she replied “you can easily learn regarding Benny’s diagnosis on my small internet site from MissyWryn dot cot (you can easily definitely not post a internet site link on YouTube), click on Benny the Autistic Horse tab. Thank you so much for your interest and also concern. Benny is my precious lovely and also I am on my small method out towards the barn today to spend the day. Missy”

For that reason I checked the site mentioned and also on it she has created “Throughout a clinic a woman along with a PhD in child psychology concurred the phrase “Orphan Syndrome” is actually a “real” phrase which identifies children coming from China who happen to be tethered in their very own cribs for not one but two + year’s definitely not receiving eye contact or touch. The PhD psychologist agreed along with me that Benny’s behavior is that of an “Orphan Syndrome” child and also additional that he has Autistic behaviors which had been confirmed by another woman on the precise same clinic who specializes in autistic children for any local school district.”

Excuse the long quote.

For that reason I essentially asked her, again if she had ever before had Benny checked more than by a vet or horse psychologist. She deleted my post. I have asked her numerous times regarding a person along with understanding in this field has ever before looked from Benny and also she has definitely not replied.

I apologize for any long post, nevertheless it is really a bit complicated. On this lady’s site (MissyWryn . com ) There is really a Paypal account set up. 4 buttons on Benny’s page alone.

I'm definitely not just saying that there seriously is not anything wrong along with Benny as I have never met or examined him, nevertheless I'm certain he does definitely not have Autism. I think this woman is definitely not keeping the money for herself. Essentially my predicament is, is that she is getting folks’s money under false pretenses. Which in my opinion is wrong.

Is there anything I can easily do?

Undoubtedly facts regarding Is what this woman is doing wrong? which you may must truly correct complications without any assist. Simply this will assist to in tons of ways… and also make almost everything higher. Who want facts regarding Is what this woman is doing wrong? must be a cure sometime soon.

Very best answer:

Solution by Sassy Sloth

Just need to shake your head and also walk awasy I guess.

I agree, I doubt the horse has autism. This lady is just looking for any method to pay her bills in a few other method that doesnt need to do along with actually working.

I pity the fools that contribute.

Solution by Sailing Blind

One thing I hate essentially the most is folks exploiting horses! (I’d personally in most cases mention exactly the precise same regarding horse racing as well- nevertheless it is definitely not exploiting when they use up much more money when compared to they make lol)

Likewise adding: the lady says he walks lame, along with his ‘dropped shoulder and also raised hip’… he looked completely normal when she ended up being walking him in.

A little something seriously is not correct and also I are not able to put my finger on it.

There seriously is not a lot you can easily do apart coming from waiting for this lady to slip up.


Just screenshotted this for you:


I really don’t see anything wrong along with his hip or shoulder. I’ll pick apart the video and also post anymore results to assist out.


“He does not square up extremely nicely”


There can also be just a few frames along with his correct hind BEHIND the left.

Solution by sheedalaadie

i may care less regarding the lady claiming her horse is autistic, or perhaps even striving to consider peoples money, there are scammers everywhere and also you just gotta be clever enough definitely not to send them their very own money.

the folks i think are doing wrong are the ones tethering innocent babies to their very own cribs and also showing them absolutely no attention whatsoever before. that is cruel and also unusual punishment for these innocent defenseless babies. the things tolerated in this world within the name of “scientific research” make me sick!

Solution by Ron Sr

You are completely correct regarding her, she will definitely not answer the questions that tends to make her look like a thief which happens to be what she is, when you take money under false pretenses you are a thief, nevertheless this precise same thing is done by horse rescues all more than the country, there is one near to me where there is a 30 year old mare who is skin and also bones and also continues to be for numerous years nevertheless is their very own poster child for that reason to speak, their very own vet continues to be striving for more than 3 years to obtain them to place this mare down mainly because she is within constant pain and also is given Bute 2 to 3 times a day every day of her life.Folks contribute to this spot due to this mare for that reason she is their very own income for that reason to speak. They spend more than $ 500 for each month on medication just to help keep her alive. There is a few good horses the moment inside a while they have a very few college girl who is supposed to become their very own trainer working, she just completed a horse she started last summer and also inside a year has finally gotten her towards the point she will ride somewhat within the arena.These folks are a 501c3 non profit organization.

Solution by poop

i have never observed the video

Solution by PCFIL B7RFLY

associated along with course it is nevertheless proving it might be costly, walk away and also hope the poor creature is definitely not long for this world.

Have any concept good?

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This movie ended up being made to assist teachers create an efficient learning natural environment for college students along with Autism (ASD)

What’s going on? Woman

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