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18 months existing development?

Trouble caused by Newbie: 18 month old development?

I googled a little something and also “autism” came up now im all concerned. My 18 month old son can easily mention tons of words (like 40). He verbally tells us what he wants and also can bring me things like toys and also books. Has fantastic eye contact and also loves folks. Provides kisses, waves hi and also bye, and also looves peek a boo. BUT he does not point all that a lot. He’ll do it sometimes, nevertheless mostly along with his whole hand. His ped on the 18 month appt. stated as long ad he is enthusiastic about what had been doing additionally, the proven fact that hes indicating what he wants, he is definitely not worrying.

Just want a few other moms opinions on this. I am officially worried sick!!!!


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Most sensible answer:

Solution by D

He is fine. It normally takes a bit of fine motor coordination to point along with one finger, for that reason tons of tots will type of wave their very own hand inside a direction. Along with autism the concern is definitely not regarding whether the child has good hand coordination, it is regarding whether the child is enthusiastic about his surroundings. For that reason if he wasn’t pointing whatsoever before mainly because he ended up being in his own spot and also definitely not concerned regarding his natural environment, then you might be worried. Nevertheless if he includes a hard time utilizing his pointer finger, or prefers to obtain your attention a different method, I might definitely not be worried whatsoever before. He sounds like an interested and also bright boy. Absolutely no worries.

Solution by Mama of Zee

I think it is silly to force autism on the child that does not show any signs of autism. Let your son be… he sounds just lovely.

Solution by Daybreak

He is fine, he is developmentally on target. Every child is different, for that reason don’t worry oneself sick more than every minor thing.

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18 months existing development?

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