Monday, April 1, 2013

Twin commercial?

Question produced by silferdoh: The twins business oriented?

Did u ever before see a business oriented on tv that talks regarding contact lenses and also there is 2 female blonde twins and also on the end they ask a little something like

“which one has …”

i think they stated “autism” nevertheless that woudnt truly make sense

like isnt autism a little something regarding the mind or a little something

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Solution by Elizabeth T

Yeah I saw that business oriented and also they stated ” Can easily you tell which certainly one of us has the STIGMATISM”(may have spelled that wrong) Hope I helped.

Solution by wendy


Solution by BaBii d0pEz

austigmatism or a few garbage like that

Solution by melamon

They mention Astigmatism. It is essentially a deformation within the eye, or the cornea to become much more precise. I think back then, it ended up being harder to track down contacts that assist along with astigmatism. I have astigmatism. When I had contacts, each contact had 3 embedded lines, which happens to be different compared to regular contacts.

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Short film which looks on the evidence for Albert Einstein being relating to the autism spectrum. This possibility likewise highlights the strong positives that many peop…

Twin commercial?

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