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Autism friendly light bulbs and safety?

Trouble made by cocoabear: Safe lightbulbs and also autistic friendly lighting?

I have observed alot of reviews on the revolutionary flourescent bulbs containing mercury.Likewise regarding flourescent lighting bothering autistic children.My question is,Precisely what is the very best type of lighting,besides organic light for autistc children?Likewise where do you buy the light bulbs?

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Solution by bestonnet_00

Fluorescent lights do include mercury nevertheless it is only a danger should you break the light (for that reason don’t do that then) and also perhaps even then the quantity within the light usually means that it probably wouldn’t be anything to worry regarding should you do break it (and also they aren’t putting as a lot mercury in fluorescent lights as they familiar with).

The huge fuss that is being made regarding the mercury in fluorescent lights is that it can easily get released when the lights are disposed of (recycling might correct that predicament) although the level of mercury released might actually be less when compared to what a coal fired power plant might release to power an incandescent.

If there is an issue along with fluorescent lights then it might probably be the flicker which a compact fluorescent shouldn’t have (since CFL’s have an integrated ballast running in a a lot higher frequency when compared to normal fluorescents).

The flicker is much more apparent in 50 Hz countries when compared to 60 Hz countries (normal fluorescent lights drop out from twice the price of power supply for that reason that’ll be one hundred times or 120 times for each second the light will turn off (current reversal happens twice for each cycle)) along with incandescent flicker being unnoticeable because of the thermal inertia (the light glows by having a hot filament additionally, the filament stays hot long enough for any light to barely dim while the current is reversing direction) and also CFLs turn on and also off as well quick to become apparent by anyone.

Colour temps can also be different although that’ll just make things look different and also shouldn’t have any effect (and also fluorescents aren’t as poor as they familiar with be).

Solution by environmental1st2003

Just an autistic point of view right here:

1) The revolutionary Flourescent light bulbs flicker and also are easily a large number of times much more irritating when compared to the ones coming from many years ago. I know other autistics who can easily correlate this fact.

2) Mercury poisoning may cause symptoms which mimmic autism, nevertheless since autism continues to be proven by 137 research workers in 50 areas worldwide to become genetic in origin (see beneath), there is absolutely no need to worry regarding Mercury causing autism within the strictest sense from the word.

3) Incandescent light bulbs are continually the very best should you’ve had a household along with an autistic in it.

*communications.uwo*/making_headlines/protection/070218-1.htm Canada-led research identifies new genetic regions linked to autism

“The consortium of research workers – 137 coming from 50 centres worldwide that make up the Autism Genome Project – examined DNA coming from regarding 1,600 families along with autistic children to try to zero in on the specific team of brain cells additionally, the genes that affect their very own development and also function.”

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Autism friendly light bulbs and safety?

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