Sunday, April 7, 2013

Literally impossible to be around you a friend?

Consult by ianoniymous: I have a very buddy that is certainly literally IMPOSSIBLE to become about?

I have a very “buddy” that I have known since Kindergarten, and also I have hated his guts since 3rd grade. He has mild autism (“mild” meaning, he is intelligent enough to function regularly, fit in along with regular society, nevertheless is type of….socially inept? That is certainly a nice method of just saying he is a giant fucking douche and also does not know it)

I realize it is definitely not his fault that he has autism, nevertheless it is definitely not my fault either, and also I’d personally truly instead just definitely not be friends along with him when compared to need to stress and also suffer daily mainly because he won’t stop being an asshole.

He literally FORCES me to do things. He won’t stop bugging me regarding inviting myself more than to go to his house, and also when I finally cave and also mention “Can easily I go more than to your house?” he says “Oh, nicely if YOU wish to invite YOURSELF more than to MY house, then YOU’RE gonna need to make the plans. Ask your parents, and also call me tonight to make plans.”


It is impossible to do anything good, mainly because he chastises me perhaps even for that. For instance, he virtually forces me to play games, and also he wanted me to play Bioshock, and also for that reason I went out and also bought it for only $ 20. I informed him that, and also he stated “Oh, wow, I am surprised.” I asked why, and also he stated “Mainly because, you know, you are in most cases a lazy dipshit (indeed, he used those exact words) who seriously is not extremely accountable. I mean, let’s face it, you never call me, you always let me call you and also make the plans, you don’t answer your smartphone half the time, and so on.”


Now he invited himself more than to my house, and also is asking me to make the plans, and also he is often known as me 3 times tonight, I never have answered, definitely not ’cause I am as well “lazy and also irresponsible”, nevertheless mainly because I really don’t fucking wish to talk to him. I know that tomorrow morning he is gonna yell from me for definitely not answering the smartphone.

I really don’t wish to tell him I really don’t want to become friends anymore, mainly because last time I did that, he identified a method to obtain to me, and also he won’t let me live more than it, he talks regarding how I am such an inconsiderate douche nearly daily.

Are not able to just ignore him, ’cause from lunch, if I really don’t sit correct next to him, he seeks me out, yells from me for it, after which sits next to me in any case, and also I have 2 classes along with him.

What must I actually

Literally impossible to be around you a friend?

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