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What are the causes of pervasive developmental disorders?

Concern merely by sheilakreitzer2atyahoo*: What causes pervasive developmental disorder?

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I really don’t believe there is an absolute cause. Mercury exposure is linked in numerous studies – nevertheless definitely not completely proven in others. Perhaps even along with that – there in most cases is really a genetic predisposition or link should you dig enough. PDD just covers many individual diagnosis into a category in most cases. And also just in case anyone tries giving you the “frigid mother” narrative – thats an old myth – proven to become untrue. Likewise – a few folks believe that what we like a society consider a disibility, may actually just be the beginning of an evolutionary change caused by all of our changing lifestyles and also needs.

Solution by Advice Counselor

There is absolutely no known cause from the disorder that I'm aware of nevertheless the subsequent is an overview from the disorder. Hopefully you track down this helpful and also remember to talk along with your child health care provider should you have any much more questions. Likewise there may likewise be a few chromosomal abnormalities, cognetial infections, or structural abnormalities from the central nervous system.

Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Definitely not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS) is really a ‘subthreshold’ condition in which a few – nevertheless definitely not all – attributes of autism or another explicitly recognized Pervasive Developmental Disorder are recognized. PDD-NOS is usually incorrectly generally known as simply “PDD.” The term PDD refers towards the class of conditions to which autism belongs. PDD is NOT itself a diagnosis, while PDD-NOS IS a diagnosis. The term Pervasive Developmental Disorder – Definitely not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS; likewise generally known as “atypical personality development,” “atypical PDD,” or “atypical autism”) is integrated in DSM-IV to encompass cases where there is marked impairment of social interaction, communication, and also/or stereotyped behavior patterns or interest, nevertheless when complete attributes for autism or another explicitly defined PDD are definitely not met.

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What are the causes of pervasive developmental disorders?

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