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Disease to a person with autism?

Idea made by Tegan: What does the disease Autism do to a person?

That is info on What does the disease Autism do to a person? which you can easily must definitely correct concerns alone. Perhaps it will assist to in numerous ways… making your own life far better. Thinking info on What does the disease Autism do to a person? may be an answer as time goes on.

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Solution by Michael

It does not truly “do” anything. It is definitely not a little something like a virus, which you catch after which you get negative symptoms. “Autism” is just a name for team of things which are part of someone’s basic personality. It is definitely not truly a disease, in that method. A person does not truly have autism, a person is autistic, mainly because it is a part of who they are. This can be likewise why it’s not possible to “cure” autism without essentially committing genocide of babies along with the (from the time of yet unidentified) genes.

Keep in mind you don’t need to meet each of these, nevertheless right here are a few possible symptoms of autism:

1. Definitely not utilizing body language (e.g. eye contact) naturally, only doing for that reason when actively taught regarding it, and also having trouble reading others’ “body language”.

2. Having a few kind of hold off in learning language. (Only a few folks have this)

3. General concerns along with “social skillsets”, mainly because social traditions along with absolutely no real reason for example shaking hands,don’t come naturally.

Solution by bulletbible3

They don’t know very well what Autism is or what causes it ..a lot of folks have their very own suggestions nevertheless nothing continues to be proven..It is really a terrible disease and also is observed mostly in are in your own private world and also have trouble being social,there are different degrees of Autism..a few get better towards the point where they can easily function within the real world and also a few will never be in a position to become left on their very own.. it is extremely sad

Solution by Ayla

the definitely not truly a disease. It just tends to make the person think differently, and also have trouble socializing.

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Disease to a person with autism?

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